Youtube Iframe Javascript API part1

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Hey guys, In this tutorial, we will discuss how to load YouTube video with help of YouTube JavaScript API. YouTube provides us a simple JavaScript API to load particular YouTube API. All we need one div and section, YouTube JavaScript API library and some JavaScript functions. But If you want to control some YouTube video […]

Ajax Multiple Image upload using Javascript and PHP

In this post we will see how to create ajax image upload using javascript and PHP. I have already published tutorial on drag drop file upload using jQuery and Dropzone.js, but this script will have its own significance as it’s purely javascript based and uses jQuery UI for progress bar uploader. There’s a lot that […]

Add a reference to your website in copied content

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You would have noticed that when you copy some text from some websites then it appends a back reference in that copied text. It is mainly done in content rich websites like article directories or blogs. Whenever anyone copies text from those websites, reference to original website is added in clipboard and finally when user […]

Using HTML5’s Range Input Type To Generate Colors At Runtime

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In this tutorial we will implement automatic coloring using javascript and HTML5 range input type. Range input type is really a good addition in HTML5. Though at the time of writing this tutorial many browsers don’t support HTML5 range input type. So you will have to use polyfill in order to get it working in […]