Dynamically clone form elements with Cloneya jQuery Plugin

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Hello friends I have already published easy and simple tutorials on how to dynamically add form fields using jQuery and then how to submit those dynamic fields data to database. I got good response for both the tutorials so I thought to share something more on the same topic. This post is dedicated to a […]

Create Forms Using HTML5

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Well I was just checking some HTML5 code, I felt like sharing something which will be beneficial for peoples new to web development. Whenever you create any web-form like registration from, comment form, feedback form etc there are fields that are required and must be filled by the user. For example you are creating a […]

Secure Login page using PHP

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In my last post I explained how to code a registration page in PHP. Now if you have created your registration.php page successfully then its time to move ahead and learn how to create login page in PHP.  Using the same old database ‘SCHOOL’ and table ‘CLASS’ we will code a login.php script. Remember Internet […]

Registration page using PHP

This tutorial is for PHP beginner who want to code a simple registration page for their website or any PHP web application. To create a working registration form you need a database in which you will store data that will be entered in registration form. We have taken necessary precaution in our codes in order […]