Image File Upload Script In PHP

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This tutorial will tell you how to upload images using PHP script. Developers need this because they may need to upload files in their projects. For example in registration page you want users to upload their picture for profile. Check Here to see Live Demo To implement image upload code in your web projects you […]

PHP script to send email

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Its very important for website owners and admins to get feedback from their visitors. There are various methods to be in touch with your visitors and readers and the most common method is through Contact forms. If you are beginner then let me tell you how a contact form works: A simple contact form collects […]

Captcha Code in PHP

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For all web developers and freelancers it’s a useful post because they have to code a registration page for almost all projects . It is always recommended to put some captcha verification mechanism in registration pages in order to prevent spams and bots. Here I am going to share PHP solution for captcha generation and […]

Secure Login page using PHP

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In my last post I explained how to code a registration page in PHP. Now if you have created your registration.php page successfully then its time to move ahead and learn how to create login page in PHP.  Using the same old database ‘SCHOOL’ and table ‘CLASS’ we will code a login.php script. Remember Internet […]

Registration page using PHP

This tutorial is for PHP beginner who want to code a simple registration page for their website or any PHP web application. To create a working registration form you need a database in which you will store data that will be entered in registration form. We have taken necessary precaution in our codes in order […]