Easily Install WordPress On Amazon EC2 – Part 1

It’s really easy to install WordPress on Amazon’s cloud server. Get your WordPress website up and running instantly. Amazon offers free usage for first one year, so you can try their servers and decide yourself if you want to use their services further or not. This tutorial will guide you how to install all needed services on Amazon’s cloud to get your website up and running. First you need to signup for AWS (Amazon Web Services) free usage tier (Signing up with Amazon requires a credit card). Once you are signed up login to your AWS console and start following steps:

Step 1> Select Amazon EC2(Virtual server in cloud):


Step 2> Click on “Launch Instance” (You need to create an instance):


Step 3> Select Ubuntu Server 12.0.4 (It will be the server where you will install all software’s and your WordPress):

AWS choose server- InfoTuts

Step 4> In next screen you will have to select Instance Type. Make Sure you have selected “T1 Micro” instance type.

AWS- InfoTuts

Step 5> Click “Continue” on next screen.


Step 6> Click Continue on next Screen.


Step 7> In this step, you will have to choose key-value. This will generate a ‘.pem’ file which will be used to connect to your server via SSH (Secure Shell).


Step 8> Here you will have to create and download the “key-pair”. Enter name for your “key-pair” and download it in safe location. It will be used every time you will connect via SSH.


Step 9> In this step you have to create security group. Enter name and description of security group. You can also add rules here, select HTTP from the drop down menu and click “add rule”.


Step 10> Recheck all the things and click “LAUNCH“.


Step 11> Click “close“. and you will see your instance running.


Step 12> Now “check” the check box to select your Instance and you will see more option pop’s up under “Actions“. Go and select “Connect“. It will allow you to connect to an Instance:


Step 13> In this step you have to select the method to connect with SSH. You can either use PuTTY as SSH client in windows or you can use your browser(Java Required):


Step 14> Provide the path of “key-pair” file (.pem file)which you downloaded in step 8. Click on “Launch SSH Client“.


Step 15> This will get you a terminal. Now you have access to your instance, you are free to use it as its owner 😀.   


You can now install software’s/packages and create/delete files in this Instance.

Since this tutorial is large so I have made three parts of it. In next tutorial we will be installing APACHE, PHPMyAdmin, MySQL and PHP. Then we will install WordPress and will get it running in minutes. We’ll also see how to map your Amazon’s Elastic IP with your domain name in last tutorial.

Check Installing WordPress on Amazon EC2- Part 2

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