10 Things Which Make Housing.com Different from Other Online Home Search Portal

I admire the magic Housing.com has done with Google Maps API. Today I am reviewing this awesome web application which has changed the way real estate and house hunting is done. Housing.com has undoubtedly revolutionized the online home search process through the perfect infusion of technology with innovative business acumen. Housing.com portal has been conceived with the vision of redefining the home-search procedure into much simpler way and they are successful in implementing the same.

Going through all the existing online home search portal and then exploring Housing.com made me experience the difference which is actually impressive from the user perspective


1. Verified listings

It’s indeed very innovative idea to upload every property with a verified tag. This feature implies that before listing any property, Housing.com ensures that the property is duly visited by their own team and scrutinize properly ensuring all the promises are delivered

2. Ratings

After scrutinizing the property, they provide them with a ratings. The ratings are based on the lifestyle quotient, neighborhood, available amenities and facilities. The ratings provide an insight about the locality which accelerates the process of home search

3. Maps and Locational descriptions

Though this feature is present with lot of online home search portal, but Housing.com has re-designed it in the convenient way. This feature with other portals need to explore manually, but, housing.com has identified this indispensable feature and preferred to keep the map on the search casino in New Jersey result page along with the list of properties. It provides an instant understanding of the position of the property

4. Photos

The property listed on the Housing.com, also has the relevant photos clicked from different angles to provide an overview about the look and feel of the room. This minimizes the hassles of hopping around the city aimlessly just to check the premises of different rooms

5. User – friendly search widgets

I am really convinced by the simplified search widgets. The landing page features the option Rent/ Buy/ New Projects/ PG & Hostels/ Land and Plot Projects. Once you click on your desired pick, it takes to the search page which provides you with the option of the property search at your desired location. In case you are looking for PG, they also provide with the Gender option, so that, you save time by refining the search. You can easily find out desired page like http://housing.com/in/rent/bangalore for searching flats on rentin Bangalore or your desired city.

6. Less loading time

Well, in this fast forward life, we all want lightning speed services and Housing.com has very rightly addressed that. Even with the 2G connection, you get navigated to the pages at a faster pace than other portals

 7. Filters options for refined search


Housing.com provides the scope of much comprehensive search with the list of relevant filters. This not only saves time but also aids in quality search results

8. User – friendly app and proactive service team

Housing.com app is also packed with same happening features with user – friendly interface. If you get connected to the Housing.com team through their toll – free number 03-333-333-33, the response is also overwhelming with minimum Turn – Around – Time

9. Land properties are verified

Investment in land through online portal is a riskier proposition, but Housing.com has successfully eliminated the risk by ensuring all the properties uploaded are clean in terms of legal and other miscellaneous concerns

10. Highest level of Accuracy

Since all the properties are personally visited, dissected and rated hence it ensures the accuracy to the minute details and specifications. The visuals of the property, the ratings, the location on the map along with the pop up window furnishing the details of the locality. To add to the convenience, one you select a particular property the information get displayed on the same page in the pop – up box, thus simplifying the process of not getting lost into different tabs.

The way, Housing.com portal as well as the app been designed, it definitely ensures that the time has arrived to empower ourselves in the process of home search, rather than to be on the mercy of the shrewd brokers.

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