Set Up FTP Connection on Amazon EC2 Instance using FileZilla

Hello friends I have already written about installing WordPress on Amazon EC2. I received comments and emails from users who wanted to connect FTP to their Amazon EC2 server so that they can perform file uploading/downloading tasks easily. It’s really easy to set up FTP connection to Amazon EC2 instance. Without wasting so much of time let’s see how we can easily use FileZilla client to FTP your Amazon EC2 instance. For this you will need the .pem file that you would have downloaded while creating your Amazon EC2 instance. I assume you have already installed FileZilla FTP client in your machine and have your .PEM file.

amazon ec2 ftp

1> Open FileZilla and go to Edit > Setting in toolbar.

2> Under Connection go to SFTP (Secure FTP).


3> Here you will have to add that .pem file you had created and downloaded in your machine. FileZilla will prompt to convert the file in supported format which is .ppk (PuTTY private key). You just need to hit ‘Yes’ and .pem file will be automatically converted to .ppk.


4> Now you can close the setting window pop up by hitting “OK”.

5> Go to site manager and select Amazonec2 -‘Amazon Instance name‘  (In your case name will be different depending on what did you name it while creating) instance to connect to. Hit connect and you will see you are connected to Amazon server via SFTP as user @ubuntu (normal user).


6> You are connected but you may not be able to perform all file operations because you are connected with user ubuntu (normal user in your ec2 instance with least privileges. You may need to run chown command to change file/dir ownership or use chmod command to change file permission in your terminal.

You should fire this command in your terminal in order to do all file operations with ubuntu user:

]$ sudo chown -R ubuntu /var/www

I hope now you are connected to Amazon EC2 servers file directory via SFTP. It will make your file handling tasks easier and you can easily manage files in your Amazon cloud server. Share this easy tutorial with your friends and followers.

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