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Hello friends, thanks for being in our awesome InfoTuts community. It’s been 2 years since we are learning together. I receive many emails from people who just want to say “thank you” because our tutorials helps them learn and create things easily. As a web developer and computer science guy you need to be aware of latest web and IT trends. What I personally do is to subscribe to various popular newsletters so I receive free newsletters and books weekly/monthly and get to know about all the latest stuffs. So I want you guys to do the same. Yes sign up for newsletters and free ebooks (of course there’s no harm in awesome free stuffs).



Okay so this was freebie to boost your knowledge and stay updated with the IT trends. Now what about giveaway? Yeah guys we love you all so we are giving away 1 .me domain and hosting for free (1 year plan). The winner can get his personal profile or portfolio online with .me domain name free hosting plan for one year.

How to win?

It’s simple, you will have to code something for me 😀 No its easier than that.

I will announce the name of lucky one in our FB page on 26th sep 2014. So make sure you like our Facebook page here to get the updates.

PS: You will have to register domain name and hosting within 2 days once we announce the winner.

I know you guys are interested in some web development stuff to, just go to and search for any topic for example jQuery. You will awesome books to learn jQuery which can change you from noob to ninja. Click Here to get jQuery books. So guys what you are waiting for grab your free oracle magazine subscription and share this post. Be the lucky one and get one year hosting and (.me) domain name for free. Till then we are preparing some good tutorials for you guys 🙂

Edit: Link to free magazine subscription has been removed.

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