Some Good Free e-books for Web Developers and Designers

I believe process of learning new things should never stop. I have been asked numerous times about resources to learn web technologies. Most of the times I redirect them to few well know websites like w3schools etc and sometimes I give them reference of good ebooks. Those who read those ebooks or using them as a reference emailed me to say thanks for the recommendations. Here I will be posting about some good ebooks to learn web development (Client side or front end). I am also reading some of these books and using some as reference. I will be later writing about some ebooks to learn server side scripting.

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Anyone who is new to web development will find these e-books helpful in order to help them learn good concepts. People having good experience in web dev can also use these books as reference.  Lets start the count and see how many ebooks we have to recommend:

Note: All the ebooks mentioned below are FREE:

HTTP succinctly: 

http succenity

This great e-book is offered by SyncFusion. Everyone must thank them for providing series of e-books for free. This ebook is a must read for every web developer who want to know what happens behind the scenes whenever a request is made to server or a response is received from server. This book will help you understand web better.



So you were wondering why whole world is so crazy about HTML5? Well everyone knows what HTML5 is? If you don’t then its the time to get hands on it and its amazing features. Below are two e-books for people who want to get started and grasp good command in HTML5.

Javascript Succinctly:

js succinity

Javascript succinctly is really great for intermediate and advance js developers. You must read this book once and learn some good tricks in JS to make your life easier in js development.

jQuery Scuccinctly:

jquery succinity

One of the most popular javascript framework is jQuery. You would just enjoy writing jQuery code and explore the possibilities of what can be done. If you are new to jQuery then I recommend you to use w3schools jQuery lessons and then use this e-book and you will just love it. I also use this e-book as reference.

Taking Your Talent to the Web:


This e-book is an awesome guide for all the transitioning designers. The book is written by Jeffrey Zeldman. Get this free e-book and take your talent and creativity to next level as a print designer.

Web API Design:

api design

This book is guide on how to write consistent and great API’s. Learn good practices and thoughts in API design explained in this e-book.  Get your free copy offered by

Design for the web:

designing for web

Design for the web explains you is authored by Mark Boulton. Its an amazing guide for everyone who wants to design and develop for the web. You are going to learn about tools, practices, grid systems, design workflow etc. You will also learn how to work for yourself, Yes why to get a job? Just read the e-book and you are gonna learn a lot.

In comments let me know if you want any recommendations for free e-books on any topic. I would be happy to help if I have already referred any  books for that topic. Share it with your friends 🙂

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