Create Ajax Pagination with MySQL, PHP and jQuery

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Hi guys, I received an email from one of our readers requesting tutorial on Ajax table pagination. There are already many tutorials on Ajax Pagination but I saw users comment and found most of the scripts are missing basic features that a standard pagination system must have, so we wrote our own. It is a […]

Background Image Change using jQuery

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You would have seen in many websites where user can change website background to see the content/product better. It’s always a better idea to offer such feature if you are selling a product. You don’t know what color, image will make your product look appealing to user, so it’s better to offer different settings so […]

Ajax table – Add Edit Delete Rows Dynamically Using jQuery PHP

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Hi guys I have previously written a tutorial on inline row editing in an HTML table. It helped a lot of people so I thought why not to write a complete tutorial on adding, removing and editing rows in an HTML table via Ajax. It’s really user friendly because user doesn’t need to refresh the […]


Ajax Multiple Image upload using Javascript and PHP

In this post we will see how to create ajax image upload using javascript and PHP. I have already published tutorial on drag drop file upload using jQuery and Dropzone.js, but this script will have its own significance as it’s purely javascript based and uses jQuery UI for progress bar uploader. There’s a lot that […]


Create Google Like New Menu With jQuery And CSS

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Google replaced its old menu bar with a new one and this UI change on main page of Google was a big step and was an interesting topic among designers across the world . Earlier there was a black menu bar at the top of page displaying most popular services from Google. The new menu […]


Login with Facebook in Your Website Using Facbook SDK for PHP

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Hello friends we have already learnt how easily you can implement login with Google plus in your website using Open Auth. Today we will learn another easy way to implement Facebook login in your website using Facebook SDK for PHP. Facebook SDK for PHP helps developers connect with graph api and leverage Facebook login in […]