Create Multi Step Form with Progress Bar using jQuery, CSS3 and PHP

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Hi guys, today we will see how to create an awesome multi step form using CSS3, jQuery and PHP. Multi step forms are important when you have large number of input fields in a form, so breaking that form in smaller forms with less number of input fields is a good idea. It is user […]


Freebies and Giveaway

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Hello friends, thanks for being in our awesome InfoTuts community. It’s been 2 years since we are learning together. I receive many emails from people who just want to say “thank you” because our tutorials helps them learn and create things easily. As a web developer and computer science guy you need to be aware […]


Easily Integrate PayPal Payment Gateway in PHP

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Hi guys, in this post we will see how easily we can integrate PayPal payment gateway system in our PHP applications. If you were searching for this tutorial then you are already familiar with PayPal. But those who are not, don’t worry I will tell you everything you need to know in this post. PayPal […]


Dynamically Add Input Fields And Submit To Database With jQuery and PHP -2

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I am sure you all would love this tutorial as it was requested from many of our awesome readers. You would have seen our tutorial on How to Dynamically Add Input Fields And Submit To Database With jQuery and PHP. I received a good response for this tutorial, people asked how it would work if we have a […]


Change Form Action Based on Select Option Using jQuery

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Hi guys, I hope you all are good and rocking. Today I am sharing another simple tutorial for all our lovely new devs, we will see how we can dynamically change form action based on user selection in dropdown options. There are times when you need this for example in a search form you may […]

10 Things Which Make Different from Other Online Home Search Portal

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I admire the magic has done with Google Maps API. Today I am reviewing this awesome web application which has changed the way real estate and house hunting is done. has undoubtedly revolutionized the online home search process through the perfect infusion of technology with innovative business acumen. portal has been conceived […]