Implementing Google’s New No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA in PHP

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So your visitors don’t like to enter those difficult to read distorted text as captcha in your forms? But you have to use them in order to prevent bots and spammers. If you are looking for a more human friendly way to prevent spamming then this post is for you. Google has introduced a new […]


Cascaded Dropdown in jQuery Ajax, PHP and MySQL

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Hi Guys, We are getting good response for our simple tutorial on Cascaded drop down with jQuery, Ajax and PHP. In comments and emails I am usually asked on how to save the value back to database. So In this post we will see that. In our previous cascaded dropdown tutorial we were populating the […]


Page Preloader With Progress Bar Using JQuery

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Hi Guys, today we will see how to create a simple web page preloader with progress bar using jQuery. It really matters how your website pages load and are presented to users. A slow loading website has more chances to lose visitors and readers. No one wants to see your page elements half loaded and […]

CRUD example in PHP jQuery and Ajax

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We received a lot of tutorial requests from users and most often they (mostly new developer) ask for simple CRUD operation (create, read, update and delete) in PHP, jQuery and Ajax. And I think it’s a good suggestion as it will certainly clear some basic concepts as well. So in this post we will share […]


Create Multi Step Form with Progress Bar using jQuery, CSS3 and PHP

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Hi guys, today we will see how to create an awesome multi step form using CSS3, jQuery and PHP. Multi step forms are important when you have large number of input fields in a form, so breaking that form in smaller forms with less number of input fields is a good idea. It is user […]


Freebies and Giveaway

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Hello friends, thanks for being in our awesome InfoTuts community. It’s been 2 years since we are learning together. I receive many emails from people who just want to say “thank you” because our tutorials helps them learn and create things easily. As a web developer and computer science guy you need to be aware […]